The Opportunity

As the oldest intercollegiate sport in the United States and one of the modern Olympic movement’s premiere competitions, rowing is universally regarded as the “ultimate team sport,” making it perfect for companies across various categories. The sport of rowing offers a rich history, colorful traditions, and an unparalleled reputation for demanding excellence and discipline beyond the boat and into all aspects of life. With an active youth development program in our community, your sponsorship represents a collaborative and impactful opportunity for your corporate social responsibility program.

Sponsoring MCRA can be a mutually beneficial partnership. It not only provides your business with marketing opportunities and community engagement but also supports the development of juniors and masters athletes and promotes a healthy lifestyle within our community.

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Please follow the button below to see more about the MCRA Sponsorship Package. Contact Anne at or (207) 522-2124 with questions or to become an MCRA Sponsor!