MCRA Collegiate

Summer season is critical to skill development and maintaining/gaining physical rowing fitness.  At Maine Coast, we will use this time to improve technique through skill and drill periods in practice as well as a significant time in small boats (singles/doubles).  In the bigger team boats, boat moving skills as a unit will be expanded upon in order to better understand the forces that allow for greater boat speed.

what does a typical rowing season look like? Below is an approximate schedule. For specific season details, see the Registration Page.

Summer Sessions

Summer rowing occurs exclusively at the MCRA Boatyard in Brunswick.   Summer rowers may select from a series of two-week-long sessions and weekly coached open row sessions.

Collegiate rowers may participate in any or all summer programs for a flat fee for the summer.



End of June to mid-August

Morning rowing options every weekday for the whole summer season.

Weekly open row sessions, two weekday evenings and one weekend day morning



Regatta fees are not included in registration.  If a regatta is scheduled, the rower is responsible for paying the fee(s).