Frequently Asked Questions

What are the expectations of participants in the rowing program?

Regular attendance at all workouts is expected and athletes will be encouraged to attend at least one regatta during the season.  Rowers should have a current physical and must pass a basic swim test before going out on the water.  Finally, we rely on our Juniors to help with fundraising activities as well as boatyard cleanup and maintenance.


What are the expectations of parents and families in the rowing program?

Families help with Parent Booster assignments, which may include transportation, food donations, and fundraising.


Should I be in good physical condition to start rowing?

While rowing is regarded as low impact, you need to be prepared as well.  You should be able to perform the following:

    • Lift 30 lbs. over your head; twice is good

    • Do a dep knee bend; twice is good (your legs are an important part of the stroke)

    • Get up from a sitting position on the floor; your hands can touch but not your knees

If you start a program, please consider rowing as only one component of your physical conditioning.  It's always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.


Will I get wet?

Usually not.  You can launch your own boat right from the dock and not have to wade into the river.


If it's raining, will we still row?

Yes, we do row in the rain!  Instructional programs meet as scheduled, rain or shine.  In severe weather conditions, including lightning, strong wind, heavy fog, high water, or storms are present, the Coach may make the decision to stay off the river.


What should I wear?

Always dress in layers.  Make sure you are able to shed layers easily as you begin to warm up.  Your rowing clothes will get dirty.  Clothing should be both comfy and snug.  Like cycling clothing, it should allow you to move freely, but should not be baggy.  Bringing a dry change of clothing and a towel is recommended.