MCRA Masters

Maine Coast Rowing Association offers year-round rowing training and racing opportunities to adults seeking an organized training experience.  We offer coaching for all skill levels.  We aim to spread the joy and technique of sculling and sweep rowing in the greater Midcoast Maine area.  Our facilities are conveniently located in Brunswick, Maine.  We primarily row on the Lower Androscoggin River providing some of the best water to row on in New England.  Both new and experienced rowers are welcome.


Learn to Row:

Our classes are meant to introduce basic techniques, equipment familiarity, understanding of boat handling skills, and safety awareness on the river for the new-to-rowing student. For the experienced beginner/intermediate rower, the class serves as a review and next-level set of technical skills to become more comfortable and proficient in either a sculling or sweep boat. Our staff works with each student to progress at their own pace to maximize learning opportunities while keeping students in a comfortable learning environment.


Masters Competitive Team:

This program is a coached and training-oriented session to prepare adult rowers for competition.  The training format is structured, but moderately paced.  The work of one season builds on the work of the previous season.  There are daily drills and technical focus as well as structured work pieces. Masters Competitive is open to all levels of experience beyond the initial learn-to-row phase of development. The training is primarily in team sweep boats (four and eight)  and team sculling boats (quads), but may also utilize doubles and pairs depending upon attendance at any given practice to maximize water time.

what does a typical rowing season look like? Below is an approximate schedule. For specific season details, see the Registration Page.

Fall (9 weeks)

In the fall, rowing occurs exclusively at the MCRA Boatyard in Brunswick, Maine.  Rowing occurs rain or shine.  In severe weather or unsafe water conditions, rowing will be canceled.



September to early November


Masters Team:

Two weekday and one weekend day practice, early morning


Learn to Row:

Two weekdays practice, early morning



Regatta fees are not included in registration.  There will be a few opportunities for our Masters to compete in regattas.

Winter (5 weeks)

Winter Training occurs at the Brunswick Recreation Center.  During winter training rowers continue to build on speed and strength through weight training, bodywork, and ergometer training to build aerobic resistance, explosive power, and mental fortitude.



January / February

Three weekday practices, early morning


Spring (6 weeks)

In the spring, indoor training occurs at the Brunswick Recreation Center.  Rowers will continue building on winter progress and new rowers learn the rowing technique on the erg. Sessions include coached workouts on both the ergometer and in the weight room.



Indoor only

Early March to mid-April

Two weekday practices, early morning


Summer Sessions

Summer rowing occurs exclusively at the MCRA Boatyard in Brunswick.   Summer rowers may select from the competitive team, a series of two-week-long classes and uncoached open row sessions.




Late-May to Mid-August

Two weekday practices, early morning

One weekend day, morning


Learn to Row:

Mid-June to mid-August

Four two-week sessions

Learn to Scull, two weekday practices, early morning and evening options are available

Learn to Sweep, two weekday practices in the evening, one weekend day in the morning


Developmental Sculling Open Row:

two weekday evenings, one weekend day morning



Regatta fees are not included in registration.  There may be opportunities for our Masters to compete in regattas.