Juniors Spring 2024 Parents Information

Maine Coast Rowing Parents Meeting
for 2024 Spring season agenda : 29 Feb 2024

I. Welcome:

  • Introduction
  •  Coaches
  • Booster leaders

II. MCRA: Maine Coast Rowing founded in 2011

– Juniors from the beginning

  • MCRA Mission Statement:
    Through recreational and competitive rowing, we foster personal growth, build community, and promote health and fitness for people of all ages and abilities.
  • MCRA Vision Statement:
    Our vision is to be a recognized Center of Rowing Excellence in the State of Maine, supporting a vibrant community focused on education, healthy competition, and continuing the heritage of rowing on the Androscoggin River.
  • Why rowing/ CREW – the ultimate team sport = working together to make the boat (shell) go as fast as possible
  • Program – we do it all! Sweep vs Scull
  • Growth and Development

- Top Juniors program in Maine

– Aspiring mid level, (top level Small) New England program good processes = success will take care of itself


  • Varsity
  • J’s
  • Novice

Team boats = Bigger Spring focus vs Fall/Summer
- Special Boat Unit assignment
- Age classification structure (vs lightweight)

-Teambuilding – good habits, respect for all, athletic endeavor,
POSITIVE culture

-Leadership development = Leadership Council

III. Schedule:
Spring March 5th to May 31st
- Daily Monday thru Friday: Indoor 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Outdoor 3:30pm to 6:00pm
(April 8 th move boats)

- Races

Start April 20th end May 25th
(See schedule – subject to adjustment)

Summer Looking ahead … = June 17 th to August 10 th
- 2 week increments ($200) 8:30 to 10:30am M to F
- Festival Regatta – June 23 rd Lowell (Sun)
- Cromwell Cup – July (TBD) Cambridge

IV. Equipment:

  •  What and Why …
  •  Juniors vs Club … sharing arrangement
  • Older vs Newer // Needs vs OK
  • Fundraising = better boats

V. Communication/ Attendance = SUCCESS FOR ALL!

  • Racing is a privilege!
  • Attendance is generally expected (races too!)
  •  Covid/ health issues
  •  Excused absences / leave of absence
  •  3 unexcused = request for conference
  • Homework is not an excused absence, plan your time
  •  Detention is not an excused absence

VI. Behavior Expectations/ Discipline/ Code of Conduct:

  • Safety First + 4 oar rule and @50/50 rule
  • Setting the StandardVI. Behavior Expectations/ Discipline/ Code of Conduct:
  •  Safety First + 4 oar rule and @50/50 rule
  •  Setting the Standard


- Travel = representing program

  • Boatyard / Rec Center as a safe space
  • Drama and Distraction = the 2 team and performance killers
  • Why a code of conduct
    • - See form to go over
  • Multistep process:
    - Verbal
    - Written
    - Conference
    - Suspension
    - Expulsion
  • Depending on seriousness, sometimes have to skip a step
  • Issues/ request a conference
    • Process for right time and place

VII. Individual Development:

  • Goal oriented vs Performance oriented
  •  Individual Training Plan
  •  College support

VIII. Requirements for Athletes:

  • Appropriate training/ athletic wear = layers = Warm is safe
    • We row in the rain = JACKETS
    • Shirts required, tank tops ok, no bare midriffs
  • Running shoes – every day =
    see weather inconsistency safety
  • Water/ dock shoes – every day
  •  Yoga mat – can be left with team stuff
  • Water bottle – rehydration during workouts is critical
  • Coaching staff will conduct periodic “kit” bag checks, if a rower
    does not have appropriate clothing for the weather, they may
    not be allowed to go on the water as a safety issue
  • Notebooks: logging workouts and providing feedback as
    requested by coaches is important to athletes and the teams
     Uniforms: basic vs extras
     Travel costs
     Race fees – covered in fees! (not in summer)

IX. Boosters

  • What is Boosters role and responsibility
    • Leadership roles = Board member connect
    • Support and communicate with Director of MCRA
  •  Cow Island Regatta - SEPT 14 th , 2024
  •  Boosters partner in running with Programming
    committee… marquee annual event for benefit of
    entire Club
  • Fundraising - smaller projects = Ergathon (March 30 th )?
    Need to spread the work and project leads
  •  Planning
  • Communication channels to parents and club
  •  Hospitality ( 2 leads)


XI. Adjournment for 5 minutes followed by a Parent Booster Meeting

Juniors Schedule

Maine Coast Rowing Juniors – Spring 2024 calendar
– Subject to change

Tues (T) March 5th Girls squad meeting at Curtis Memorial Library conference room 3:30 to 5:00pm, Seminar Room 206

Wed (W) March 6th Boys squad meeting at Rec Center conference room 3:30pm, short practice to follow

Thurs (R) March 7th Regular practice schedule at Rec Center begins

Wed (W) March 20th Last day to register at discounted season price
Sat (S) March 23rd Swim Test , Bath YMCA 8:00am REQD
Sat (S) March 30th Ergathon Fundraiser 9:00am to 11:30am REQD
Fri (F) April 5th Registration for Spring 2023 season closes
Fri (F) April 5th Hopefully last day of Indoor Training
Sun (SN) April 7th Ergometer Comps - @ Wayneflete School 1:00pm to 4:00pm RSVP
Tues (T) April 9th Hopefully first day on water – Outdoor begins
Sat (S) April 13th 2nd installment of fees due ( as needed)
Mon(M) April 15th to Fri (F) April 19st Spring Break training ( New Meadow) RSVP
Sat (S) April 20th Opening Day - @GLR vs GLR, GB, and Concord RSVP(V)
Lawrence, MA – Day trip – All day
Sat (S) April 27th Northampton Invite - @NCR vs NCR, HR RSVP(V)  Northampton, MA – Day trip – All day

Sat (S) May 4th SAT’s and MCRA Boatyard Opening Day and cleanup 8:30am to 11:00am
Sat (S) May 11th to Sun (SN) May 12th Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta - @ Merrimack River, Lowell RSVP, 2 day / both Day trips (Overnight optional) ALL

Sat (S) May 18th to Sun (SN) May 19st US Rowing NE Regional Championship- @ Merrimack River, Lowell, MA, 2 day / both Day trips (Overnight optional) By Invitation RSVP

Sat (S) May 25th Maine State Championship @ Camden, ME – All Day RSVP/ALL
Thur (R) May 30th Spring Banquet and awards @ 5:30pm ALL
Fri (F) May 31st Last day of Spring season 2024