Head of the Charles October 22, 2023

UPDATE 10/17/23

Friday: Coach Dave would like all rowers (except spares) at the FALS area https://www.hocr.org/hocr-venue-map/ at 1 pm for a rig and practice row. He will be dropping a pin location on Friday after the trailer is parked. There is a drop-off area at the FALS for all athletes. Rowers are expected to be ready for dismissal on Friday at 5 pm.

Saturday: 3 pm-4:30 pm Team meeting with spares at the FALS trailer location. There will not be a team dinner on Saturday as the general consensus is that families are staying in several different towns around Boston and it would be challenging to coordinate during this most busy time in Boston. Rest and relaxation will be the focus for all Saturday evening.

Sunday: Boys arrival 6:45 am Race 8:22 am Girls arrival 8:15 am Race: 12:37 pm


For the rowers who were invited to compete in this year’s HOCR (including spares), please review the following information.

All information about the HOCR can be found at the HOCR website:  https://www.hocr.org

Please review the Coxswain and Athlete Guide.


As a reminder, the lineups are as follows:

Mens Junior 4+ = Spirit of ‘92

Race time Sun October 22nd = 8:22am

Bow number 83 of 90

c- Sahagian

4 – Moon

3 – Baybutt

2 – Duda

B-  Kessler

Spare 1 – West

Spare 2 – Ginsberg

Womens Junior 2x = Empacher

Race time Sunday October 22nd = 12:37pm

Bow number 49 of 54

2 – Brogan

B- Sweeney

Spare – LaJoie, C.

We will be boating out of the FALS area as last year. Exact location will be pinged as soon as available. All should review HOCR website and be familiar with the location of the FALS area. Best parking will be at Harvard Stadium.

Spares are not required to attend Friday October 20th Practice Session on the river. Only in an event of last minute sickness or illness would their attendance be required. Athletes required on site by no later than 1pm on Friday. Should be ready for release @ 5pm. Spares are welcome to join us if they wish.  Spares will be asked to be in Boston at race site with all crew members no later than 3pm on Saturday, October 21st for boat pre-race meetings.  Spares will assist Coach Dave launching and retrieving crews on Sunday with oar support. Once equipment is derigged and ready for Bowdoin trailer post race we will release @ mid-afternoon.

On Sunday, crews will launch @ 1 hour prior to race time as called to the launch dock.

Boys crew should plan on being at boat site no later than 6:45am on Sunday for warmups.

Girls crew should plan on being at boat site no later than @ 8:15am to cheer on Boys boat.  They will begin warmups @ 10:45am.

In particular within below information, Sahagian and Sweeney should review 2023 coxswain information thoroughly prior to Friday practice.  All athletes including spares should thoroughly review 2023 Athletes Guide prior to Friday practice.

I will provide relevant updates as available going into next week.