Masters Season Details and Registration Fall 2023

Learn to Row

Learn to Row classes are designed for the new-to-rowing student and are meant to introduce basic techniques, equipment familiarity, understanding of boat handling skills, and safety awareness on the river. For the experienced beginner/intermediate rower, the class serves as a review and next-level set of technical skills to become more comfortable and proficient in either a sculling or sweep boat. Our staff works with each student to progress at their own pace to maximize learning opportunities while keeping students in a comfortable learning environment.



September 5 to November 4

Learn to Sweep:  Wednesday/Friday 6:00 to 6:00 am

Learn to Scull: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 to 10:30 (10 participant cap)



$325 per session

Masters Competitive Team

The Masters Competitive Team will be a coached and training-oriented session to prepare adult rowers for competition.  The training format will be structured, but moderately paced for the fall season. It is meant to be a preparation for Fall Head Race type races which are 5K in distance.  There will be daily drills and technical focus as well as structured work pieces.  Open to all levels of experience beyond the initial Learn to Row phase of development.  The training will primarily be in team sweep boats (four and eight) and team sculling boats (quads), but may also utilize doubles and pairs depending upon attendance at any given practice to maximize water time.



September 5 to November 4

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 6:00 am to 8:00 am




Optional Potential Races for Experienced Rowers (fees not included in registration):

  • Saturday, September 16, Cow Island, Brunswick, ME
  • Sunday, October 15, NH Championships, Pembroke, NH
  • Saturday, October 28th, Head of Fish, Saratoga, NY

See Regatta Information PageRegatta Information for more information

Masters Schedule


Prior to completing the registration link, you must have an active USRowing membership.

A current USRowing number and the expiration date will be required to complete the registration.  If you do not have a current USRowing membership, follow the link below.  The MCRA Club Code is F6VF3.

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